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Collaborative Dialogic Approach

My approach is collaborative coaching  which means that I believe that you are the expert of your life. We  will work together as a team to help find new meaning, make decisions, improve relationships, or find solutions. I believe that the answers you seek are deep inside you. My style of coaching can help you access your strengths and help you reach your maximum potential.

Transitional Coaching

Are you working through a life transition? Transitions can be difficult to maneuver through. Transitions can be any situation where our lives have changed in some way. Have you retired, moved to a new location, ended a long term relationship? Are you starting a new career? Let's explore the possibilities together. 

Leadership Development
Relationship Coaching

Has communication become problematic in your relationship? Do you want tools or ideas to help enrich your relationship? Do you need help learning how to co-parent? Relationship coaching is not just for couples. I have been trained in systems therapy and feel that any relationship that a client values may benefit from relationship coaching.

Veteran Coaching Support

Transitioning to civilian life brings many challenges. You are not alone. As a retired Army veteran, I have been there.  Are you sill struggling to connect with the VA, receive, military compensation, use education benefits, make friends, or put together a resume? Let me help. In the military we speak a certain language. I speak your language and can assist you in translating your military experiences to

comparable civilian professions.

Parenting Difficulties
Veteran Soldier Military to Civilian Tra

Do you need a time-out? Parenting is a full time job. It is often as rewarding as it is challenging. As a parent, I can relate to the challenges that parents may encounter, especially new parents, step-parents, single parents, or foster parents.

Educational Career Coaching

Are you having a difficult time adjusting to college life? Do you have a difficult time starting and completing assignments? Are you still pondering over what major or career choice to make? Let's talk!

Are you a leader or aspiring leader who lacks confidence, feels ineffective, or are you searching for new ways to motivate your team? Do you  need assistance moving towards career advancement?Let's brainstorm!

Conflict Resolution

Are you wrestling over a difficult decision? Are you thinking about ending a relationship? Are you going back and forth over a marriage proposal or job offer? I can help!

Divorce Recovery

Are you struggling to move on after a divorce? Are you ready to enter the dating scene again, and don't know where to begin? Are you a single parent, who is sorting out the details of your new lifestyle? A coach can help guide you through your new beginning. 

Autism Parent Support

As an Autism Mom, I am aware of many of the challenges that parents face as they navigate throughout family life, marriage, medical facilities, and educational settings. As a caregiver, we often place ourselves last. A coach can offer you the support you may need.

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